Back Ground: Beaumont Adult School Community Advisory Board is made up of members representing a cross section of interests in the Beaumont and San Gorgonio Pass area. These include representatives of the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce, CALWORKS/GAIN, various local businesses, a variety of medical professionals , as well as adult school teachers, students and administrators. Membership on the advisory board is voluntary and new members are always welcome. The Board meets at least three times a year to provide feedback and suggestions on how the adult school is meeting the needs of the community.

Advisory Board Minutes


 In attendance:  Michael Aaron, Lori Edwards, Billy Dimry, Donna Brinton, Bill Greenwood, Pedro Juarez, Iris McCully, David Williams, Nancy Wood, Matt Pistilli, Victoria Perez,  & Chelsea Loneli.

 David Williams opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and doing a quick review of the PLC implementation plan. Members introduced themselves.

 David Williams continued to provide members with more detail about the PLC concepts and that basically, the school has been moving in the direction of a PLC but by fully implementing the systematic structure we will move more rapidly and with a sustainable approach to all programs.

 David went over the BUSD “District Wide Goals” and explained that Adult Ed. needed to develop school wide goals to correspond with the District goals. These school wide goals would then be used as the basis of developing individual program goals.

 The primary objective of the meeting today is to begin the process of developing the Adult Ed school wide goals. Members will be asked to give suggestions. These will be taken to the Adult Ed staff development meeting and the goals will be developed by the staff and brought back to the Advisory Board for their review. Once the school wide goals are established staff will be formed into program teams to develop program goals and establish essential learning objectives.

 The meeting was then turned over to Michael Aaron for a complete presentation of: PLC. PLC is All about learning. PLC’s focus is more on learning rather than, how am I teaching.

 Mike reviewed with members the handouts “The Seven Building Blocks of a PLC” and “Foundations of a PLC”. Members were asked to review the Adult Ed Mission Statement and Core Beliefs and then to reflect  with answers to the questions related to the clarity and purpose of the mission statement from the handouts given. During the follow on discussion on the mission statement and core beliefs suggestions were made by board members as to the improvement of the wording to the Mission Statement.

 Bill Greenwood shared a personal experience with an Adult Ed student that became an LVN at our local hospital.  He suggested  we see how this mission statement contributed to this student’s success.

 Dave suggested that the Mission and Vision Statement be separated and that further discussion on revision be tabled until staff could make their inputs at the scheduled training session.

 Mike reminded members that the school wide goals need to support the BUSD goals and that program goals would then support the school wide goals.

 Mike reviewed with members the Smart Goal worksheet handout.  Members provided goal ideas based on their experience with various community sectors. A list of these ideas was made and will be taken to the staff for development into Smart Goals. Once this is complete it will be brought back to the board for review and approval.

 David informed members of the new BUSD web site and Adult Ed’s new web page and school blog. The new BAS web page is located at and the URL for the blog is

 The next meeting will be held March 18 at 3:00pm.


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