Beaumont Adult School is located in the city of Beaumont, CA. We are just off of the I-10 freeway about halfway between San Bernardino and Palm Springs. You can contact us at (951) 845-6012 or visit our web site using the link on this page

Mission Statement

 Beaumont Adult School provides opportunities for students to complete both the academic and vocational training necessary to obtain entry-level employment in occupations that show economic opportunity including vocational nursing

Core Beliefs

  • We believe all people should be treated with dignity, respect and worth
  • We believe that students should establish goals and be provided the resources to achieve those goals
  • We believe that when adults value and complete their secondary education or vocational training, it results in higher education for their children and greater economic self-sufficiency for their families
  • We believe that the concept of lifelong learning is an essential value for our students to be successful.

One Response to “Beaumont Adult School”

  1. Michael Aaron Says:

    I’m posting two of the three revised course outlines for ESL. They are still in draft form, but I thought they might be helpful for others to see and then we can exchange ideas. The chart I made will not paste but I”l send an email attachment so you can view the whole outline.

    Beaumont Adult School

    Course Outline Revised: January 2012

    PROGRAM: English as a Second Language (ESL & Citizenship)

    COURSE TITLE: ESL Intermediate (ESL 4)

    PREREQUISITES: Completion of ESL Beginning High (ESL 3) or appropriate score on CASAS test

    This essential learning goal/competency-based course is designed to develop communicative skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing for the needs of adult English learners at the intermediate level. The purpose of this class is to increase students’ fluency in basic language skills and to encourage students to self-monitor. Another purpose is to transition students to adult secondary education. The basic language skills are taught within the context of life, employability, and academic skills. A sequential grammatical structure is also integrated in the context of everyday life situations. Various academic topics are incorporated at this level based on students’ interests and goals.

    Essential Learning Goal Components
    for the ESL Intermediate Course

    Instructional Strategies:

    Academic Study Skills (Learning to Learn)
    Verbal Scaffolding
    Test-taking skills
    Thinking Skills
    Problem Solving
    (Various Topics)

    Lecture, Cooperative Learning, Information Gap, Substitution Drills, Cloze Exercises (Variety)

    75 HOURS

    Community Resources
    Educational Services
    Emergency Services
    Immigrant Services
    Recreational Services
    General Services

    Cooperative Learning, Information Gap, Role Playing, Field Trips (Variety)

    180 HOURS

    First Aid

    Guest Speakers, Video, Articles, Lectures (Variety)

    40 HOURS

    Job Exploration
    Job Opportunities
    On the Job

    Field Trips, Guest Speakers, Articles, Lecture, Cloze Exercises (Variety)

    65 HOURS

    TOTAL =360 HOURS

    LENGTH OF Number of weeks: 30
    COURSE: Managed Enrollment

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