PLC meeting on August 2, 2012


Agenda Item 1: School/District/State status update – Dave provided updates on the state, district and school budget situations for the 2012-2013 school year. District negotiated furlough days and impact on Adult Ed were discussed. Ramifications of failure of the Governor’s Tax Initiative on the November ballot were discussed. Dave presented two policy changes for the upcoming school year; a) Modification of the managed enrollment policy for ESL, b) new policy to waive 2nd semester registration fee for students completing a pre and post test and a minimum of 50 hours of instruction.

Agenda Item 2: Dave reviewed the past events in the development of the school’s strategic plan (WASC accreditation, implementation of the PLC process, etc). The current PLC strategic plan with updates was reviewed and program teams took the plan to make annotations of the team’s current status in accordance with the plan. Program teams were tasked to provide at least two programmatic goals to support the school’s Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (SLO’s).

Agenda Item 3: Dave provided the program teams with copies of the latest template for dual accreditation provided by WASC to provide teams with the changes in WASC criterion for accreditation and to prepare for the accreditation visit in November 2012. Discussion followed on what materials, student work, etc. could be used as examples of how we meet the criterion.

Agenda Item 5: Program teams shared out where their teams are in regard to programmatic goals and in the implementation of the CCSS.