Beaumont Adult School

 Agenda  August 2, 2012

Meeting Objective/s: Strategic Planning

 Date:   August 2, 2012                                                           Time: 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Norms: Start on time / End on time, respect all, clarity in communication, participation by all, positive attitude, no interrupting

Tasks                         Resources              Activity       Duration   Expected Outcomes

School/District/State update. Policy changes for 2012-2013 school year



Briefing and discussion

45 min

Staff informed on school’s status and policy changes

BAS PLC strategic plan




Group discussion

1.5 hour


Staff feedback and input on strategic plan


Review changes to WASC accreditation criteria


Group discussion

30 min

Staff awareness of revised WASC criteria for accreditation

Program teams share out

Program teams

Group discussion

15 min

Teams share out feedback and input on strategic plan

  Introduction (5 minutes)

1. Transition from last meeting to the present meeting.

2. Review the objective/s for the meeting.

3. Review the norms.

4. Quickly go over the agenda for the meeting.

5. Assign timekeeper and if needed note taker (flip chart paper)