This is a Summary of the High School and GED – PLC Group discussion on April 15, 2011.

 Objective: To develop competency skills to meet the general objective.

 Specific Objective: To meet the criterion for developing an assessment from a competency skills test that indicated a % less than 76%.(CASAS)

 Develop 20 questions.  Passing score 14/20 – 70%.

 Students who score below 70% will not be recommended to take the CAHSEE or GED.

Teacher re-teaches students who scored low, in middle of 3rd week and conducts another test with test items in different order to those students who scored low on previous test.

 Develop CFA’S:

  1. Select 8 items/skills
  2. Teach 2 items per quarter(6weeks).  10 questions per skill=20 questions total.
  3. Prepare CFA (assessment) for students who scored less than 237 on CASAS Math.

And develop another CFA for students who scored above 237 on CASAS Math.

 When to Assess students: Give test end of six weeks (end of quarter) on the two items.

 Look at May 6 as date to have draft Math and ELA test items/questions available for Hi School Team.