March 2011

As a part of the ILC team training we had with the district this week, it was decided that we should conduct a review of where our programs are, in terms of PLC implementation, and see the effects on our students for this academic year.

So, our next PLC staff development will be Friday, April 15th from 12:00 – 4:00 pm. When we return from the spring break you will be getting several reports on your students’ results of the CASAS tests to allow us to review and determine if we need to shore up any weaknesses as we continue with our PLC implementation.

More information will follow as we produce the reports.


This is a draft of the agedna for the staff development on March 18th, please feel free to comment or you can submit comments directly to me.

Meeting Objective/s: Review current status of PLC implementation and provide collaborative time for program teams to continue process

 Date:   March 18, 2011                                                          Time: 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Norms: Start on time / End on time, respect all, clarity in communication, participation by all, positive attitude, no interrupting

Tasks                   Resources              Activity              Duration   Expected Outcomes

Review current school status and district info  Dave Group discussion 15 min Group understanding of current political and fiscal situation
Review ILC training (BUSD) Dave, Mike, Billy, Jan Group discussion 20 min Group understanding of how ILC training through BUSD is effecting our PLC development
Share current status of each program PLC team PLC teams Group discussion 30 min Group awareness of where each program is in the implementation of PLC procedures
Break into program teams for collaborative time on essential standards and development of CFA’s PLC Teams Team collaboration 2.5 hours Continued development of essential standards and CFA’s
Teams share out results of collaboration PLC teams Group discussion 25 min Group understanding of program team progress

 Introduction (5 minutes)

1. Transition from last meeting to the present meeting.

2. Review the objective/s for the meeting.

3. Review the norms.

4. Quickly go over the agenda for the meeting.

5. Assign timekeeper and if needed note taker (flip chart paper)