Based on the discussion and input from the members of our Community Advisory Board on September 23rd, the following revisions are proposed for the school’s mission statement, vision and core beliefs;

Beaumont Adult School:

  • provides opportunities for students to complete basic and secondary academic instruction
  • provides opportunity for students to complete career technical¬† training in a variety of programs including vocational nursing


It is our vision that all students will become;

  • Self Directed Achievers who set educational goals and become effective communicators and collaborative Individuals who work together in diverse settings.


Core Beliefs

  • We believe all people should be treated with dignity, respect and worth
  • We believe that goal oriented students be provided the opportunities and access to available resources to achieve those goals
  • We believe that when adults value and complete their secondary education or vocational training, it results in higher education for their children and greater economic self-sufficiency for their families
  • We believe that lifelong learning is an essential value for all.

Comments and feedback are requested.