April 2010

In the past two Community Advisory Board meetings we have been reviewing the school’s mission/vision/beliefs statement. The consensus among the board members has been that, while the school’s mission has not changed significantly, the mission statement needed to be reviewed for clarity of purpose. At the last board meeting (March 18th) a number of suggestions were made relating to the format and wording of the mission statement. Specific recommendations included; breaking out specific areas of the school’s mission in a bulletized format and developing a more formalized vision statement as part of the overall mission and beliefs.

As a result, what I am posting here is a re-`formatting of the mission statement based on those recommendations. Please be advised this is not even a first draft of the proposed revision, but simply an example of the suggested re-formatting to help develop further discussion.

Beaumont Adult School:

  • provides opportunities for students to complete basic and secondary academic instruction
  • provides opportunity for students to complete career technical  training in a variety of programs including vocational nursing


It is our vision that all students will become;

  • Self Directed Achievers who develop academic, vocational, and interpersonal skills and who set educational goals and pursue lifelong learning for self improvement.
  • Effective Communicators who articulate ideas clearly in written and verbal form and develop listening and critical thinking skills while demonstrating  literacy in areas of reading, writing, and technology
  • Collaborative Individuals who work together in diverse settings, participate in school and community projects and utilize various strategies to identify and resolve problems


Core Beliefs

We believe all people should be treated with dignity, respect and worth

We believe that students should establish goals and be provided the resources to achieve those goals

We believe that when adults value and complete their secondary education or vocational training, it results in higher education for their children and greater economic self-sufficiency for their families

We believe that the concept of lifelong learning is an essential value for our students to be successful.

Please feel free to comment.


At our most recent staff development and PLC training session, we spent half of the time working on the development of our school wide goals. Through the discussions it was generally agreed that the constant through all program areas is student persistence. It was also discussed at length that in order to develop this into a school wide goal, the definition of what is student persistence and how it was to be measured was necessary to ensure that progress toward that goal could be determined across all program areas.

It was also agreed upon that each program team would try and develop their own proposal for a school wide goal using student persistence as the foundation. We would then post those proposals here, on the blog, for open discussion and attempt to finalize the draft of a school wide goal at our next training session on May 21st.

The first proposal received is;

School Wide  SMART Goal  2010-2011

 Specific:  Increase the rate of adult students’ persistence by 10%

 Measurable:  Collect persistence data each semester.

 Attainable: Ensure that effective implementation of standards and curriculum supports individual learning goals. Publicize and assess accurate attendance records.

 Results – oriented: Based on student learning results and active student attendance according to each program’s hours.

 Time – bound:  By May 2011.

Discussion from both the PLC staff session and individual program teams have provided the following ideas related to student persistence;

Student persistence should not be a measure of student attendance alone. Student persistence should be a measure of the students progress toward their goals. In order to measure progress some rubric would need to be developed that would provide for the assignment of “grade” of the student’s completed work/progress.