Our adult school advisory board met last week and began the process of developing our school wide goals. The advisory board is a very diverse group representing our stakeholders in Beaumont and the San Gorgonio Pass area, so working with them is always an interesting experience. During our brainstorming session about school wide goals for adult learners, I began to think about just what are our learners goals? On our survey forms and during the entry process most of them will tell you “I want to get my GED” or “I want to learn more English”, but is that really their goal? There are some who will tell you ” I want my GED/high school diploma so I can go to college.” or ” I want to learn more English to get a better job.” and these goals would be more in line with what state and federal officials are telling us student goals should be.

I think, that in order to develop meaningful school wide goals, we need to look at both what   learners most immediate goal and try to determine what is their real goal. But, how can we do that?