Creating Norms 1-2-3

One of the primary objectives of our PLC training on January 22 will be to establish our agency “norms” for all future meetings.
“Norms” represent the groups expectations of members behaviors related to meeting conduct.

I know in the past, at least on my part, I just assumed that everyone understood the “norms” for meetings and would conduct themselves accordingly. One thing the PLC process shows us is that as much of every process as possible should be decided upon by the collective group and published to ensure that everyone is clear on the processes and procedures.

To that means, and to assist us in meeting one of the primary objectives for this first agency training, I have linked a document titled “Creating Norms 1-2-3” to get everyone started in thinking about what your individual expectations, or “norms” are for these meetings. Please take some time to look over this document and start determining what your expectations are. Once we have established the norms for the whole agency, each team will be establishing their indivdiual group norms (which could have additional items beyond those established for the collective agency).