January 2010

Our adult school advisory board met last week and began the process of developing our school wide goals. The advisory board is a very diverse group representing our stakeholders in Beaumont and the San Gorgonio Pass area, so working with them is always an interesting experience. During our brainstorming session about school wide goals for adult learners, I began to think about just what are our learners goals? On our survey forms and during the entry process most of them will tell you “I want to get my GED” or “I want to learn more English”, but is that really their goal? There are some who will tell you ” I want my GED/high school diploma so I can go to college.” or ” I want to learn more English to get a better job.” and these goals would be more in line with what state and federal officials are telling us student goals should be.

I think, that in order to develop meaningful school wide goals, we need to look at both what   learners most immediate goal and try to determine what is their real goal. But, how can we do that?



BAS Leadership Minutes


In Attendance: Dave Williams, Lori Edwards, Iris McCully, Mike Aaron, Billy Dimry

  • Schedule of up coming events: Staff development 1-22-10. Semester classes start 1-25-10.  Presidents Week (school closed) 2-15 thru 2-19. Spring break ( school closed ) 3-29 thru 4-2.  LVN Mod A begins 3-29-10 for class #11.  Adult Ed 4th quarter begins 4-5-10.  LVN class #8 last day of attendance is 4-22-10 and graduation is 4-30-10. End of year student awards will be held 5-27-10 for AM/PM classes. Last day of school is 5-29-10. If summer school is run, it will be 7-5-10 thru 8-6-10.
  • Agenda for Advisory Board Meeting 1-21-10.  The following was reviewed with staff for the advisory board meeting on 1-21-10.  New Agenda Template and 7 Building Blocks of PLC.  Board also review the mission statement & ESLR’s as preparation for providing input on developing school wide goals.
  • Agenda for staff development meeting on 1-22-10 was discussed with members briefly. discussed the breaking into teams for developing school wide goals and planning PLC implementation according to dept.
  • Computers and laptops were discussed as to the updating process for existing laptops and the purchase of laptops for incoming LVN class. In response to an ongoing problem with instructor being unable to access students’ work when it is completed using Office 2007 versions. There is a free download for a conversion process for windows 07 to 03 so documents can be accessed.
  • Promotional items were reviewed and decisions were made on which items to purchase for this year.
  • End of year purchases were discussed to be done as soon as possible with concerns of a spending moratorium being imposed soon due to potential state budget cuts.
  • Flooring for room 11, 12 and student lounge was reviewed again with Dave letting members know that maintenance agrees the carpets need to come out. It was suggested that Dave speak to the D.O. to purchase flooring with any 09/10 roll over funds.

Creating Norms 1-2-3

One of the primary objectives of our PLC training on January 22 will be to establish our agency “norms” for all future meetings.
“Norms” represent the groups expectations of members behaviors related to meeting conduct.

I know in the past, at least on my part, I just assumed that everyone understood the “norms” for meetings and would conduct themselves accordingly. One thing the PLC process shows us is that as much of every process as possible should be decided upon by the collective group and published to ensure that everyone is clear on the processes and procedures.

To that means, and to assist us in meeting one of the primary objectives for this first agency training, I have linked a document titled “Creating Norms 1-2-3” to get everyone started in thinking about what your individual expectations, or “norms” are for these meetings. Please take some time to look over this document and start determining what your expectations are. Once we have established the norms for the whole agency, each team will be establishing their indivdiual group norms (which could have additional items beyond those established for the collective agency).